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Everything Your Law Firm Needs to make Technology Seamless

Our Experience is Your Greatest Asset

When you’ve come across a new IT person, have they asked “Are you using PCLaw® or Amicus®?” or were they recommending a fax service to minimize your staffs time and increase your firms’ productivity? Does your IT person diligently look for new technologies to increase your office productivity and profit while bringing your yearly budget down?

Libra IT has been servicing Law firms for over 12 years and has contacted companies like DoProcess®, LexisNexis®, DIVORCEmate®, TERANET and many others so to establish a direct line of contact for quick and easy resolves for law offices like yours.

Your office cannot afford to have downtime

Making sure your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is in place, your Offsite Back-Up is running smooth while your data is secure is Libra IT priority. Our firm suggests you have redundancy in many places and one of them is your IT Specialist representing your office. If you have a "One Man Operation / IT Guy" respectfully servicing your location, what happens when they are sick, on vacation or have family emergencies while your office is experiencing issues? Don't let it come to that. Have a specialized firm like Libra IT represent your office as a primary or even a secondary complete technology solution. 

What do we do now?

Each Legal Establishment is unique and has their own workflow that has been tried, tested and true for years… but there are changes that will happen, like adding an established partner to their firm, getting a VoIP phone system or as simple as getting Wi-Fi for the office, but they'll need security implemented to protect their clients information. Each of these are unique solutions that Libra IT has come across in the past and has resolved with great success.

Chances are that if you’re already on this site, you’ve been thinking about “what more can your IT person do for you” and if there is anyone that understands your network and needs… you’ve come to the right place.

Contact a Solution Specialist if you would like a suggestion on how you can improve your quarterly figures or if there was a way to work out of the office with complete security and peace of mind as well as have a fast connection at the same time. Our experience is your greatest asset.

Get the ROI with your infrastructure and see how a simple increase in IT productivity increases profitability for your legal practice.
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